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The Czech plastic template EUREKO CPS was designed as a replacement for asbestos-cement coverings, which have been frequently replaced by other alternatives in recent years.  The slate surface of this small-format roofing will give your house an exceptional look.

This template excels in the simplicity of installation based on the installation of classic fiber cement coverings. An interesting novelty is the so-called "water barrier" against rising water. For better installation, the product is equipped with a completely new expansion element.  


Assembly and installation
2.5 x 25 mm copper or aluminum nails are used to mount the templates. The templates are laid on formwork made of dry narrow planks with a minimum thickness of 20 mm, on which a waterproofing foil with an overlap of at least 50 mm is used as a base. The laying itself must be carried out with anti-storm protection. Grooving is carried out with copper or galvanized clips, similar to fiber cement coverings. Specially developed plastic accessories are used to terminate the shield, corners, troughs, ridges, casing ventilation and antenna passage. Standard plumbing products can also be used. By using plastic accessories, we can prevent premature roof repairs due to possible lower service life of other materials.

CPS Detail 1.png

Basic CPS template

  • Size: 30 x 30 cm 

  • Thickness: 3.2mm 

  • Consumption: 19.75 – 21.6 pcs/m2 

  • Weight: max. 6 kg/m2 

  • Minimum slope: 25°

Univerzální hřebenáč detail.png

Universal comb

  • Length: 34 cm

  • Height: 3.2 mm

  • Consumption: 3.3 pcs/ bm

  • Angle: 15° – 50°

Návrhář střech - vizualizace Vaší střechy 


Chcete vidět, jak by vypadal Váš dům, garáž, chata nebo pergola s jednou ze střešních krytin EUREKO? Díky Návrháři střech si to můžete vyzkoušet!

V nabídce (plastové krytiny) jsou všechny naše krytiny – DDS II, CPS, MODERNA i GREEN.
Stačí jednoduše vyfotit Vaši střechu a pak už si jen vyberete tu pravou krytinu. Vizualizaci si můžete vyzkoušet zdarma!

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