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This product is based on many years of experience of other EUREKO products.
Due to its reminiscent of concrete tiles, it is suitable for modern new buildings and renovations.

Anti-watering grooves allow the use of MODERNA up to 20 ° roof.
The installation is then very similar to the DDS II plastic shingles and can be done both on battens and on full formwork.
The weight of about 6 kg / m2 ranks it among the lightest roofing on the market.


It is nailed with two 2.8 x 32 mm nails (ie standard) and no special tools are needed to adjust and lay the roofing. Like other EUREKO products, MODERNA excels in longevity, resistance to severe weather changes, frost, rain, hail, mosses and lichens, it is walkable and, last but not least, it looks great.


An integral part of the roofing is also a specially developed type of comb, which has an adjustable angle.
This universal comb is also compatible with other coverings, such as EUREKO CPS, and can also be used on corners.


Basic template

  •   Size: 30 x 33 cm

  •   Thickness: 18 mm

  •   Consumption: 17 pieces / m2

  •   Weight: 6 kg / m2

  •   Minimum slope: 20 °


Universal comb

  • Length: 34 cm

  • Height: 3.2 mm

  • Consumption: 3.3 pcs/ bm

  • Angle: 15° – 50°

Protected by a European industrial design
No 007499033-0002, No 007499033-0003, No 007499033-0004

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