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The price is per piece. (9pcs / m2).

Element without substrate and vegetation.


The innovative solution is a unique construction that does not require the implementation of a waterproof insulation layer under the vegetation layer, the construction of attic walls and retaining systems to support the slope load of vegetative roofs.


It solves problems with the application of green roofs on slopes exceeding 15 °.


It is the carrier of an extensive green roof. At the same time, it is a full-fledged and ecological folded roof covering, the laying of which can be carried out by a common roofing company.




The roofing is  walking; resists hail, frost; UV resistant; does not smell, does not contain any harmful substances.

Advantages :  dampens noise, has good thermoregulatory properties, retains water in the landscape, improves the climate in cities, supports biodiversity, reduces air pollution  and of course it looks great. 

The roofing is also suitable for smaller buildings such as pergolas, garages or other shelters. The green roof creates a pleasant atmosphere in your relaxation zone. This type of roofing is suitable for counter or saddle roofs - roofs of simple shapes with a slope
5 - 45 °.

The roofing is not suitable for round roofs and  broken roofs as individual pieces cannot be cut and divided.

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